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Note to readers:

   I was posting less often when my father became very ill, and I took a break from all postings after his passing. My father always said "the best deal you can give anyone is to do a good job," and that's exactly what I will continue to do. I dedicated my book Boycotting Peace to my parents who both survived the Holocaust, and in their honor I will always fight on.

Fred Taub
December, 2013

About Pepy's Coffee Shop:
   The Pepy's Coffee Shop cartoons were born in, you guessed it, a coffee shop. Book author, columnist, media commentator and radio host Fred Taub created the cartoon as both political satire and social commentary. Which is which? You will have to decide, but there are no sacred cows here.
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Boycotting Peace cover   "The Arab boycott of Israel is the single biggest impediment to peace in the Middle East because you cannot have peace with someone who will not sit down with you for a cup of coffee. "
      - Fred Taub
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